Our Vision

Our Vision at Patchell Brook Equity Analytics Inc is to be the internet destination for equity valuation. We provide the tools and data that enable our clients to quickly and collaboratively calculate equity valuation for publicly traded companies. Few websites can be found that have the power to analyse publicly traded companies in the depth and afford-ability found in our Platform. With our strength in valuation we also provide web based financial analysis and interactive environments for our clients.


Patchell Brook is a company focused on creating the software platform to undertake a more informed analysis of the equity contained in both privately held and publicly traded companies. Through a series of data analysis tools, users can query, backtest, forecast and value publicly traded companies. The platform contains a fully functional programming language and users can collaborate on valuations through the data rooms.


Product - StockCalc (stockcalc.com)

Should I buy? Should I sell? What does the data tell me?...

Do you have difficulty deciding on what stocks to buy, or when to sell? Is it because you are not sure of what they are worth?

Our StockCalc software makes this easy for you with powerful tools to Query, Backtest, Forecast, Value and Collaborate.

  • Calculate value per share using a variety of stock valuation methods
  • Tools used at the CFA level
  • CFO focused toolset for Comparison and Investor Relations
  • Value and compare stock prices using ratio analysis
  • Create portfolios of undervalued stocks
  • Backtest valuation scenarios
  • Generate forecasts of financial statements
  • Calculate WACC, DCF, and Intrinsic Value
  • Share your results in our data rooms


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